Assignment – A Personal Still Life

The instructions here were to choose a few objects: with meaning or interest and perhaps say something about you. Ordinary, funny, practical, ornamental, natural, made, big or small. On a table. With lighting.

The first step was to make a sketch in my sketchbook, to decide on the range of drawing tools, and check on some way to make words with dots:

Assignment 1 (1) Assignment 1 (2)

The objects and a brief note about why I chose them:

Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach: I liked this since it first came out, amplified by Neil Diamond’s beautiful soundtrack. I often hum those songs to myself. The story describes really well how I see Life as a teacher. I think it can be anything it chooses for us, but this shows it in teaching mode, guiding us to enable our progress.

Two wooden lemons I made in a sculpture class. I love sculpture perhaps even more than drawing and painting; and I feel that sometimes I make people’s faces go as if they had eaten a lemon.

A chocolate cake on a wooden dish. The cake serves as a metaphor. I don’t often eat sugar. When Life offered cake, I refused, later realised it was sugar-free so accepted, then I thought it insisted I eat cake 24/7. I don’t understand this apparatus*, but it happens sometimes and I still have to learn to distinguish between the different types of refusal, one being wrong, the other correct.

White candle in silver candle stick. This is in reference to Eric Bibb’s song ‘The Light Was Worth The Candle’, in the hope it will be. And it represents my love of both light and music.

* I drew the word apparatus from Maya Angelou’s use of it when she refers to ‘survival apparatus’, I don’t know if it has any bearing here but I like the word.


Assignment 1

Assignment 1_ 26 August 2015_ 59.4 x 42 cm

– My choice of mark making and utensils is more often than not instinctive, I will go with an idea and see where it leads. Sometimes the outcome feels disappointing. I chose the book because I like its contents and wanted to represent it accurately, but the dots did not make the cover look flat and even, and the letters did not appear as clearly as I would have liked. It took days after it was all finished for me to see that the image actually looked somehow more realistic the way it was done, than just flat out representation. 

– I added colour to the drawing because I thought the instructions required it; I may have misunderstood, but I do like it.