Little Women – Film

This has always been a great story. For all the ways it tries to handle notions of wealth, poverty, charity, talent, love and duty, for all the ways it shows how ingenious people have worked or sometimes struggled to find solutions to the problems these issues throw up, it deserves to be told again, and again! It is impossible to know how many it has inspired but long may it continue.

Excellent cast, stellar and otherwise. The telling here crosses time-lines, bringing those very issues and how they are addressed by this family and people close to them into even sharper focus. This is an ode to human nature, both real and heart-warming, beautifully set and acted.

In other words, this could be described as a film showing the beauty of how God sometimes works through people, both then and now.

Question that occurs to me about the story thus told: this was obviously the right outcome for those times, but at a different time, with a different level of awareness, could Jo have thought that perhaps Beth’s illness was God’s way of telling her to seriously rethink her decision to rebuke Frederick, and at a different time, would the loss of Beth then not have been necessary in order for Jo to write the book? She could have stayed and looked after Beth and then gone to see Frederick and perhaps Beth would not have become ill again later? Might losses that occurred afterwards have been prevented if Beth had still been present?