Lessons & Advice received

10 Commandments; my understanding of the instructions given:

1. Trust God (You)
2. Know He is everything
3. Respect Him
4. Keep Him in mind
5. a.Thank Him b.Thank people
6. Be tolerant
7. Work diligently
8. Treasure intimacy
9. Speak truly
10. Value every instant, every thing I am given, all I can, while it is mine.

Lessons from Nanny McPhee

1. Stop fighting
2. Share nicely
3. Help each other
4. Be brave
5. Have faith

This is a list of suggestions for a happy and healthy life found in The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman:

be kind instead of cruel
patient instead of hasty
cheerful instead of surly, and….
keep an open and curious mind.