General information – paintings

W paintings: with the passage of time, the colours and brush sizes started to take on some significance which I wanted to portray uncluttered by technical differences if possible.
– Colours: some of the colours therefore are now chosen from the Daniel Smith range which has genuine colours, made from the actual material they represent.
– 2019.07.30 REGULAR COLOUR PALETTE: Magenta, Amethyst gen., Rhodonite gen., Permanent Rose, Winsor Red Deep, Venetian Red, Raw Sienna, Aureolin, Turner’s Yellow, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Perylene Green, Terre Verte, Jadeite gen., Lapis Lazuli gen., Manganese Hue, Mayan Blue gen., Phthalo Turquoise, Indanthrene Blue, Indigo
(removed Ultramarine and Sap Green) (replaced Cerulean with Lapis Lazuli gen, Indian Red with Venetian Red, Prussian Blue with Phthalo Turquoise) (added Amethyst, Rhodonite, Mayan Blue and Jadeite, all genuine)
– 2019.12.31 REGULAR COLOUR PALETTE: Rhodonite Genuine, Permanent Rose, Winsor Red Deep, Italian Venetian Red, Raw Sienna, Aureolin, Turner’s Yellow, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Perylene Green, Terre Verte, Jadeite Genuine, Lapis Lazuli Genuine, Manganese Blue Hue, Mayan Blue Genuine, Phthalo Turquoise, Indanthrene Blue, Indigo, Amethyst Genuine, Permanent Magenta
(changed Venetian Red to Italian Venetian Red)(updating order and name corrections)
– Brushes: I had an odd assortment of brushes and gradually collected sable round sizes 1 – 10 representing the 10 commandments or something and in order to keep proportions the same I gradually chose all Isabey 6227z brushes. That is now done with the exception of n.9 which is unavailable to me in that model and which is the Isabey 6227, the only difference, I think, being the length of the handle which is not likely to impact on proportion of brush stroke. (edit 20 Oct 2019)
– 2020.02.19: God stopped giving the W paintings since Monday 17 February. Why this is I do not know, possibly because I am not acting well enough on His instructions to deserve the privilege or perhaps because I have now acted on the instructions He was giving me and am dealing with an issue which seems to have been painted about. I do not know.
– 2020.02.21: I did what was asked of me regarding a scan, and I have decided to stop going to Mass on Sundays, and God seems to be saying the W painting will resume today. I do not know the reasons. These are the facts. I find it too difficult to say or sing the words suggested in Church with complete honesty, I tried to say/sing them so they made sense to me but God does not accept that from me, it is not really honest coming from me, perhaps I am not good at it. On Sunday He did not allow me to sing, my lungs would not allow it. Therefore I cannot continue to attend.
-28.02.2020: it may be that no image or no indications at all are given on Hospital days – this seems to be the general pattern at present, though it could change at God’s wish any time and today is not so far Hospital day but not sure if image will be given anyway… the W painting has been given today, so this suggests the pattern above may be correct for now.

These are some of the colours chosen for the W paintings, mixed together for no reason and with no purpose other than to use them. The resulting watercolours will now be added after the W painting they relate to.