About and Acceptance or Don’t complain

This blog is a record of some of the work I think God (You) does with me. I hope you can find something to enjoy! The following words are what I use at the moment in my conversation with God (You) either because they feel right or if I have no other good words to offer Him, throughout the day, during all my tasks, if I am not too busy. I find it helps me stay connected with Him instead of distracted and hope it can be helpful to others too. The words are mostly inspired by my understanding of the 10 Commandments; the verses are in that order.

“Don’t complain”

1 Trust God (You)
You are everything to me
Your connections are forever on
You are here today, I know, though how or where may change in
You always will be nestled in my soul
You are everything to me

2 Know He is everything
You abide with those who care
Caring for all things and for themselves
Loving who and how all are, may sometimes feel discomforting
Can also be a good way to love You
You abide with those who care

3 Respect Him
Your wishes are the air I breathe
All things speak for You upon this planet Earth
Joyful birds sing Your delight, while waving trees may show the way
They are Your sights, Your sounds and Your desires
Your wishes are the air I breathe

4 Keep Him in mind
You are always on my mind
Dawn to daybreak, bright sunshine or rain
You paint my world in flower words, in children wise and holding skies
Your loving light shines out through all Your guides
You are always on my mind

5 Thank Him
What makes You happy is good
You make all things perfect for the time
If I feel discomforted, first I need to let You know, then
Try to find the joy in what You give
What makes You happy is good

6 Be tolerant
Everything is dear to You
You care for each and every part of You
All receive Your guidance, Your support and all can know
The peace that comes from being part of You
Everything is dear to You

7 Work diligently
You make a gift of every day
Every second is a pot of gold
To make Earth how it is today, You moved the mountains, filled the seas
Still now You work to shape all that are here
You make a gift of every day

8 Treasure Intimacy
In love You treasure every little thing
Glances are like galaxies to roam
Smiles like warmest summertime, familiar voice here symphony
Touch can be an ocean of delight
In love You treasure every little thing

9 Speak truly
Your voices are in all I hear
Red the colour of the written word
Speaking can be gold or yellowed, songs clear like cerulean skies
Rainbow colours telling how You are
Your voices are in all I hear

10 Value every instant, every thing I am given, all I can, while it is mine
You are perfect like You are
All things true, fair, real, just and correct
Your worlds wherein my joy can live, Your encouraging presence
Your comforts where my heart can feel at home
You are perfect like You are

W paintings: with the passage of time, the colours and brush sizes started to take on some significance which I wanted to portray uncluttered by technical differences if possible.
– Colours: some of the colours therefore are now chosen from the Daniel Smith range which has genuine colours, made from the actual material they represent.
– Brushes: I had an odd assortment of brushes and gradually collected sable round sizes 1 – 10 representing the 10 commandments or something and in order to keep proportions the same I gradually chose all Isabey 6227z brushes. That is now done with the exception of n.9 which is unavailable to me in that model and which is the Isabey 6227, the only difference, I think, being the length of the handle which is not likely to impact on proportion of brush stroke. (edit 20 Oct 2019)


Recipes in this blog are mostly vegetarian except where a regular ‘omnivore’ option is given. They also generally do not contain added sugar or salt if possible. Some cheese contains salt, the lowest amount possible is then chosen.

Vegetarian Society (vegsoc.org) states: A ‘vegetarian’ omnivore diet
– “can include… vegetables and fruits, grains and pulses, nuts and seeds, eggs, dairy products, honey”
– “does not include… meat or poultry, fish or seafood, insects, gelatine or animal rennet, stock or fat from animals”

Oven temperatures can vary. This is a temperature chart from ‘Doves Farm’ with an extra column for how I believe my older fan oven would compare with a newer one:

Gas °F °C Fan my fan oven °C
1 275 140 120 130
2 300 150 130 140
3 325 170 150 160
4 350 180 160 170
5 375 190 170 180
6 400 200 180 190
7 425 210 190 200
8 450 220 200 210
9 475 240 220 230