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This blog is a record of some of the work I think God (You) does with me. At the moment (23.01.2020) I am really trying to embrace this notion of eclipsing myself. Expressing God’s intentions if at all possible, and putting aside all notions of what would ‘make sense’ to me, what I would wish or reply or do, instead trying to respond as God wants, hopefully. Letting Him choose whether or not to fulfil my needs, enabling Him to fulfil His requirements, allowing Him to express what He wants to say, by word or by deed. I used to do this because I thought it was the right thing to do, but this is different, that has no bearing now, I am only trying to say what God wants to ‘say’, in the hope I understand it correctly, be it right or wrong to my mind. About this communication with God: autistic people find it difficult to talk in disguises, and they are sometimes believed to have a ‘God connection’ which makes me wonder whether God apparently being in disguise with people is a result of people being in disguise themselves. I try to talk to people without disguise, though it is not reciprocated, has not been for many years, God’s communication with me has become clearer for all that. Perhaps the lack of reciprocity is the consequence of not having done that for maybe 50 years.

edit 23.03.2020: the above paragraph really just says one thing, I find it difficult to understand people, if that occurs I can only rely on my trust in God, I believe He acts through people and the song He and I wrote helps to remind me what trusting God is about to some extent.

I hope you can find something to enjoy! The following words or song is what I use at the moment in my conversation with God (You) either because the words feel right or if I have no other good words to offer Him, throughout the day, during all my tasks, if I am not too busy. I find it helps me stay connected with Him instead of distracted and hope it can be helpful to others too. If it is not, perhaps it can inspire others to write their own words or song, based on formulas given by their own faith and the joys and challenges given in their own lives. the place where they interact with God, what they hope to achieve and how they work to attain their goals. I hope it can be of some help anyway. Edit 23.02.20: The words of the song tell of God being in everything and at a difficult time I really ‘believed’ I was interacting with God in my dealings with all people and things, my relationship with God was through them rather than a separate one. Furthermore God’s choice of brushes and colours today (W277) seems to indicate to me that this is what makes Him happy and I need to keep working at.

For instance, the song is called Acceptance and to me it seems important to be thankful and accepting of everything that God gives. This is easily done in grace, but where there is failure on my part to perceive grace in anything the song can sometimes help me to remind me that all that is given, is given by God and to focus on this. Instead of trying to deny the thing I find difficult, I incorporate it into the song and find acceptance for it therein. If a sound is challenging to me, the song reminds me all sounds are made by God, accepting it, and trying to move on in the song, continuing, if it continues, to accept it. It seems to me that to deny it would be to magnify it, treasure it somehow, whereas like this it becomes just God’s will, as long as it is, and I believe God knows best. I like to prefer God’s choice because to my mind God will always have the greater overview.

The words here are mostly inspired by my understanding of the 10 Commandments; the verses are in that order and I have added my understanding of the 10 Commandments to each verse, below the music manuscript in image format. The verses were made with music in mind.

Thank you to both “X” and “Y” for kindly creating a beautifully professional manuscript for the tune and lyrics to Acceptance or Don’t Complain and for giving me permission to publish it here.

This is the pdf format and the same in image format:
Acceptance or Don’t Complain pdf

“Don’t complain”

1 Trust God (You)
You are everything to me
Your connections are forever on
You are here today, I know, though how or where may change in
You always will be nestled in my soul
You are everything to me

2 Know He is (You are) everything
You abide with those who care
Caring for all things and for themselves
Loving who and how all are, may sometimes feel discomforting
Can also be a good way to love You
You abide with those who care

3 Respect Him (You)
Your wishes are the air I breathe
All things speak for You upon this planet Earth
Joyful birds sing Your delight, while waving trees may show the way
They are Your sights, Your sounds and Your desires
Your wishes are the air I breathe

4 Keep Him (You) in mind
You are always on my mind
Dawn to daybreak, bright sunshine or rain
You paint my world in flower words, in children wise and holding skies
Your loving light shines out through all Your guides
You are always on my mind

5 Thank Him (You)
What makes You happy is good
You make all things perfect for the time
If I feel discomforted, first I need to let You know, then
Try to find the joy in what You give
What makes You happy is good

6 Be tolerant
Everything is dear to You
You care for each and every part of You
All receive Your guidance, Your support and all can know
The peace that comes from being part of You
Everything is dear to You

7 Work diligently
You make a gift of every day
Every second is a pot of gold
To make Earth how it is today, You moved the mountains, filled the seas
Still now You work to shape all that are here
You make a gift of every day

8 Treasure Intimacy
In love You treasure every little thing
Glances are like galaxies to roam
Smiles like warmest summertime, familiar voice here symphony
Touch can be an ocean of delight
In love You treasure every little thing

9 Speak truly
Your voices are in all I hear
Red the colour of the written word
Speaking can be gold or yellowed, songs clear like cerulean skies
Rainbow colours telling how You are
Your voices are in all I hear

10 Value every instant, every thing I am given, all I can, while it is mine
You are perfect like You are
All things true, fair, real, just and correct
Your worlds wherein my joy can live, Your encouraging presence
Your comforts where my heart can feel at home
You are perfect like You are

BALANCE WITH: (edit 15 Dec 2019) while words can be useful, God showed me this in Church today which may be worth bearing in mind:

God is at work in us, his purpose to perform,
building a kingdom of power not words,
where things impossible by faith shall be made possible;
let’s give the glory to him now.

Bibliography and acknowledgements for the quote: this extract is verse 2 of “Rejoice! Rejoice! Christ is in you” by Graham Kendrick (Copyright 1983 Kingsway’s Thankyou Music) published in ‘Laudate’ a hymn book (Copyright 1999,2004 Decani Music)

An example of the way God communicates with me and everyone, I think, was this morning:
he kept waking me up last night but I did not understand why, then this morning a blanket looked to me like a cute elephant seal. I felt I had to take a photo and post it here. While getting a cable to upload it I noticed I had not cleaned my brushes yesterday, this is not good for the brushes and would have made me late for painting today. God’s image in the blanket was a timely reminder, the image used perhaps echoing that fact, the ‘elephant seal’, elephants often being used to symbolize memory. This is probably why he was waking me up, and on this occasion I noticed his intention. This is how God communicates in all things, and in people too, but the blanket does not take ownership of the reminder, it does not say it reminded me, so it is easier there to see it as God’s work.

… furthermore the brushes were the ones God chose in the morning and had needed many washes to remove the previous colour which might not have happened if done in a rush and might have interfered with how the picture appeared

… furthermore perhaps it is no coincidence that a new blanket will be given today perhaps

See photo below for the elephant seal perhaps:

elephant seal perhaps

– furthermore perhaps it was the faith that it is God who does everything, that brought about the clearer understanding that it was God who gave the reminder, that in turn brought about the proof that it was in fact God who did it
in the form of the blanket that was given later

other factors may influence too
here the posting of the image was a challenge both in thinking to do it and the subject which are both private for me and so do not readily come to mind as something I need to do
rising to challenges may be important

another example
is this God’s way of saying He loves it?

Rodin perhaps

this was a leaf I picked up in the street in the autumn of 2018, it looked to me a little like a face, with two eyes
it was a difficult time for me and it looked like comfort
so I took it and framed it and thought of it as God’s face -perhaps-
today it looked something like an amorous Rodin sculpture

posting the above picture is again challenging my notion of privacy
the subject obviously but also the fact that when I post it in the photo gallery it appears for me as +69
whenever I tried to post that photo it turned out to have some horrendous message hidden so I had thought I would not post there anymore
this is a taboo
and the picture above, the elephant seal actually did the same
the reverse looks to me like a person’s eyes, a face, the head wrapped in something and a hand or arm coming out to cover the mouth – it is horrible
but it reminds me not to let things like this stop me from saying something hopefully not harmful, but perhaps needing to be said
it seems to me that my effort not to be hurtful by not saying anything is not less hurtful than saying something which may turn out to be hurtful
I cannot ultimately control this
it is in God’s hands
so I am sorry if this turns out bad

the faith that it is God who does everything is constantly under attack in this time and place because it is not seen as common sense perhaps, or so it seems to me
anyway, I constantly forget, it is difficult, I need to keep working at it and God sometimes helps me
for example: if it feels to me that someone wants to take away everything I do and if I remember that it is God in fact doing that, making me feel that way, then possibly it is a reminder to remember it is Him who does it, it is not me or someone else, that is why He ‘takes it away’, whether He in fact does take it away or not may be down to other factors, but this may be God’s way of reminding me, helping me to keep that in mind

the ‘Rodin perhaps’ photo looks strange, like two people actually, or many individual ones, praying, or thirsting for, or speaking of, or flying to, if it is turned, all about a sliver of light which is not the light itself
not real, just a ray emanating from it
whereas a part of the leaf is in the shadow and looks like something real

this notion of my privacy being challenged by God seems to me to tie in neatly with the W 262 broken rib
both are about what I would describe as my understanding of the 8th Commandment
what feels like God’s challenge, Him making me post images that feel to me private for instance
feeling as though I am doing something wrong even though it seems to be God asking
may in reality be His reminder that I am failing somehow in that area
as was/is the case with regard to not listening to advice given for a long period of time
not getting gardening help

At the risk of repeating myself, I would say that when times get confusing I try to start the day with singing the song to help get me off to the right start and if I am not sure about something I like to sing the song first to see if that helps clear things up for me.
This morning with the sub zero temperature I thought perhaps I was getting it wrong again, but singing the song helped calm me. I guess time will tell though.

Anger is the consequence of not abiding by God’s requests, it seems to me
and the anger causes damage, on occasion
it may actually not be the real cause of the damage
for instance, not getting gardening help may cause me to feel angry about things
which then hurts me perhaps
but the real cause is not the anger
it is failing in the first place

Seems to me this anger is what makes it so difficult to put things right
because it continues as long as they are not and therefore could interfere with the
process of trying to put things right
to my mind patience, tolerance
holding on to what has been understood
what the intended objective is
with as much joy, preferably, or
at least good grace as possible
is the only way forward
with regard to this
and trusting in God who always sees things right

its like hunger
if one is late in eating
not stopping while one is preparing food
one has to put up with it
and carefully prepare the food

Delicate circumstances have arisen which may affect the progress of this blog. In giving the Cover n.3 – Itbewilo Wayoha, God mentioned that once is not a W….. but twice is, and it seems that twice has happened and an issue which was not in fact an issue the first time, this second time may be an issue after all. God’s plan is fine with me, whatever He decides is best, that is all I can say at this moment.

Perhaps God wants me to say something specific, so perhaps my son will be getting a surprise which is no surprise today, perhaps

Most important to me, if I never write another word and whether I am actually able to do as I say or not: this song and all the songs I have sung before are a way to not worry myself into a spin.
Trying to figure everything out as I have been unfortunately doing of late is not helpful I think.
This seems to me most important – if I start thinking and rethinking, planning and plotting, especially to avoid the negative blame thinking: ‘if they would do something different I would be happy’ ‘they are doing something wrong’- better I think, beyond the essential or wholesome happy thinking, beyond what I am able to do positively, to just sing the song*, trusting God and remembering that God is in fact acting through the ‘they’.
Unimaginably better!

Enough said from me.

*singing the song but not parrot-fashion, really paying attention to the words all the time, without getting distracted by other thoughts.

Perhaps not enough after all.
Sometimes I feel I cannot work if I feel ‘unloved’ one place or another, but that seems to reflect an insecurity regarding God’s love and I have to remind myself that God cannot help but ‘love’ everything that is. It is all part of Him, including me.

For the vast majority of questions ‘why’ to which I have no specific answer, my best guess would always be that it is God’s will, His choice, and that He knows best.

This includes my immediate future, without meaning to sound macabre, my presence or absence will be God’s choice, not anyone else’s I think. For instance God could simply stop communicating with me if He felt this was not helpful, although it might then be tempting to still feel that I was somehow withholding that communication, even from myself. I am guessing that God sometimes sends out a probe, he instils something extraordinary into someone or something to see how a particular time and place would react to this. I guess God is extraordinary and completely beyond my understanding or control. It seems to me that in order to know God better it is necessary to be able to accept something extraordinary and beyond ownership or control. So perhaps God checks out occasionally whether the world is ready to accept Him in this way by sending something insignificant and disposable and making it appear a bit like God, to see whether this can be accepted to begin with.
Whether I am to stay or leave is not important to most, but if I may, I would suggest this planet tries to learn to rejoice in God’s presence, now or if it appears again, in whatever way it does, without trying to control or own it. It seems to me impossible to control or own God. It seems to me that trying to can only cause grief which seems to me would make the relationship fail, therefore not begin. It seems to me God would not want to cause anguish by His presence, I am guessing this is why He keeps apparently distant, although He is not.

For my part, if this is the end, I have been given many chances to be a good light, years and years, but recently a kindly soul asked me for a favour and I stubbornly refused, thinking it would corner me into accepting help I did not feel I needed, instead of trusting God in this, as in all. That is when it all fell apart, God broke my rib, twice (if this is true, if this is the end, the primary break may have been from this first refusal and the secondary break from another similar refusal further afield), to indicate where the trouble was. Perhaps that had been my last chance. In any event, it is as God wants it to be and therefore correct and fair, always.

If this is correct, the painting of W270 may be God’s description of it, the core of the refusal being to the six central characters, closest to me perhaps, and then a further refusal to two characters further afield. Preceded by W269 indicating the wrong was about pleasing oneself wrongly, and the number of occasions. God once told me once is not a wrong, but twice is.
However, perhaps it was God who made me refuse, in order to achieve His purpose, whatever that may be. Perhaps.
My apologies if this is stating the obvious.