A Portrait of Graziella Sciutti

This is a record of the progress of my oil painting of Graziella Sciutti, soprano and my mother, from a photograph of her in 1964.

A friend had taken a photograph of a book about her in the bookshop at the Royal Opera House, saying it was like she was there, because an image of her was on the front of the book, looking into the shop. I thought it might be fun to bring that thought further to life and chose the image taken in 1964, superimposing that onto the ROH bookshop background.

She was not with me and the 1964 photo did not give a very clear view of her eyes, so I took some photos of mine (it had been said that my eyes were like hers) to guide me a little. I then also drew just the photos of my eyes and include them here.

drawing on canvas_20.02.13_(40x50cm)
oil painting_16.03.13_(40x50cm)
oil painting_18.03.13_(40x50cm)
oil painting_27.03.13(40x50cm)
oil painting_28.03.13_(40x50cm)
oil painting_03.04.13_(40x50cm)
oil painting_11.04.13_(40x50cm)
oil painting_13.04.13_(40x50cm)
oil painting_17.04.13_(40x50cm) GRAZIELLA SCIUTTI
drawing_26.06.13_(9x12cm) my right eye
drawing_04.01.14_(9x12cm) my left eye