Onion Filo Pie and Veg Medley

abundant individual portion

2 sheets Filo Pastry
180g of previously (21.03.2020) cooked Blackeye Beans
40g flaked Almonds
2 Albumen
90g Philadelphia Light
30ml Sunflower Oil
240g Onions sliced very thinly
260 Butternut Asparagus Medley (Butternut squash, sugar snap peas, Asparagus and Tenderstem Broccoli)
50g Watercress

Preheated oven to 190°C

PLATO (14min)
Prepared the Plato by stirring together 1 Albumen, Almonds and Blackeye Beans
Right before baking folded the Filo sheets in half and placed on 20cm round tin lined with baking paper, folded sheets in to leave just a small border
Spread the Plato on the Filo and flattened
Baked 14min

ONIONS (12min)
In small frypan fried the Onions in 15ml Sunflower Oil for 12min until caramelized
After cooking blended with hand blender 1 Albumen, the Cheese and 1/4 of the Onions
Poured this mixture back into the pan to stir in the rest of the Onions

Placed foil on 20cm tin and some baking paper on the foil
Steamed the Butternut Squash for 5min then set it aside on the baking paper above

FILO PIE (15min)
Spread the Onion mixture on the Plato
Baked 15min

Folded the foil over the baking paper and baked the Butternut Squash for 15min at the same time as the Filo Pie

For the last 6mins of the baking above steamed the rest of the vegetables
Then placed in bowl with the Watercress and added 15ml Sunflower Oil and some freshly squeezed lemon
Stirred all together

complete protein 28.5g
saturated fats 11.9g