Cover n.8 Polyphonic (current)

March 5 2020: future cover, after n.7 Beatles Cover is assembled
though this colour pattern does not feel correct to me and may change
perhaps as a result of acting out of character myself it seems to me
God is acting out of character with me at present
this ‘ducking the issue’ may be as a result of that
or it may not, but I need to ask again
therefore it may change before it is begun

March 6 2020: and it has: shade n.428 (Duck) is now n.424 (Twilight)
guessing acting out of character only interferes when God wants it to eg when I have a choice

March 21 2020: begun making the cover

Crochet Hook 3mm eg Prym

Yarn Rowan Summerlite 4ply cotton
Shade numbers and quantities and colour used for painting
3 – n.419 – 45 squares – Sky (Divine intervention) S
3 – n.424 – 45 squares – Twilight (two lights working together) T
3 – n.439 – 45 squares – Gold (faith) G
3 – n.440 – 45 squares – Pumpkin (Papa) P

2 – n.441 – background – Heart (hearing God) H

180 squares – 12 x 15 rows

guidelines for making and assembling in ‘general information on making the covers in squares’ on separate page named Crochet