01.03.2020 no image

The Courgette was very bitter yesterday and something gave me an upset stomach. I assume it was tampered with somehow, possibly because of the name insinuating ‘C O U are get S’ who knows. Anyhow have changed the name to Zucchini which is another name for it and am not using the rest of those Zucchini, as apparent from amended ingredients list.
Perhaps God wanted me to spell this out? Perhaps this the ‘no indication given’ which was the title while God was not giving the instructions today? In point of fact, I asked to change the Courgette/Zucchini yesterday but God insisted I use it, so clearly this is something he wanted to happen, for a purpose:
Perhaps with this now the images will be given?

Apparently yes! Though why this had to be spelled out, whereas all the other stuff I believe happens doesn’t, I know not. God’s choice, clearly!

However, though the indications were given, no image given today. Perhaps if I am not well that is the result? I don’t know.

Although the Zucchini were bitter that recipe hid this very well, I decided not to mention that in order not to have to mention salting or not salting, which would also remove bitterness. Perhaps it is my abstention that has caused all the trouble. Don’t know. The excessive imposition of salt in innuendo or possibly as monosodium glutamate, makes me want to avoid the subject. Therefore it seems the insistence of using the Courgette was to show all a recipe to use if they are bitter, and the stomach upset was God’s intervention because I had not mentioned His plan/design that time. I did ask God at the time, perhaps I misunderstood instructions or perhaps this was His plan all along. I don’t know. However, perhaps there is no need to change the name or throw away the bitter Courgettes still remaining.

Perhaps the image will now be given later? Perhaps not.

My apologies for any disappointment.

the images have not been given today

Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.10 Jadeite Genuine
n.7 Indigo
n.9 Amethyst Genuine
Watercolour paper NOT 280gsm 38 x 28cm

additional exercise using all/some materials above:

God’s encouraging presence perhaps
something within perhaps
in Jadeite Genuine
something real perhaps
a tree shape perhaps
a triangle perhaps

pot of gold perhaps
round outlines perhaps
not circles
in Indigo indicating negative space perhaps
where there is no Jadeite perhaps

speaking can be gold or yellowed perhaps
triangles again perhaps
triangle shapes perhaps
in Amethyst Genuine
another real thing
not surrounding the Jadeite
like the shape of the rock itself

triangle outlines in Jadeite in 10
rounded lines in Indigo in 7 where there is no Jadeite
triangle shapes in Amethyst in 9