more tbc

Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.10 Italian Venetian Red
n.6 Aureolin
n.3 Indigo
Watercolour paper NOT 280 gsm 38 x 28cm

additional exercise using all materials above:

n.10 value everything but not too much
God’s worlds, no, not spheres
God’s encouraging presence, no
God’s comforts where heart can feel at home perhaps
forts, perhaps
upright structures
lines perhaps in big n.10
in Italian Venetian Red, a specific person, or humans generally
vertical lines perhaps
not shapes though

n.6 about tolerance
everything is dear to God
all receive God’s guidance and support
ports perhaps
round lines perhaps
not shapes
in Aureolin, light, seeing God

n.3 respecting God
all things speak for God perhaps
peaks perhaps
triangles perhaps
in Indigo, No in crochet
negative space perhaps
triangles make all the negative space, no
not what is left of a square
about not respecting God, no
seeing God is about His choice to my mind
so No is part of that
can be one of God’s choices
therefore one way of seeing God
Indigo may be part of the same line as Aureolin
respecting God is also about seeing God, the word respect
to see again
Aureolin and Indigo may be two sides of the same thing

vertical lines in Red in 10
round lines in Yellow in 6
triangles in Blue in 3
Blue and Yellow perhaps part of the same thing