Courgette Onion Chico Plato Bake

individual portion

195g tinned Chickpeas
40g roasted chopped Hazelnuts
2 Albumen, 1 lightly whisked in bowl, the other in jug
30ml Sunflower Oil
250g Onions, chopped by slicing across then longways
1 clove garlic finely chopped
1/4 large chilli sliced into slivers
300g Courgettes, sliced into sticklets
1/2 teaspoon mixed herbs
1/4 teaspoon tarragon
30g Table Cheese eg Twineham Grange, finely grated

Preheated oven to 190°C

PLATO (15min)
Prepared Plato by mixing together the whisked Albumen with the Hazelnuts and Chickpeas
Spread the Plato on 21x16x6cm glass oven dish fully lined with parchment paper
Baked 15min

ONIONS (15min)
In small frypan fried the Onions in 10ml Sunflower Oil for 15min
10min before the end added the chilli
5min before the end added 5ml Sunflower Oil to the pan and let the garlic blond in this before stirring into the Onions
After cooking and cooling a little, added 1/4 of the Onion to jug with 1 Albumen and blended with hand blender
Stirred in the rest of the Onions

In medium large frypan fried the Courgettes in 15ml Sunflower Oil for 15min
3min before the end added the mixed herbs and tarragon

After the above are all cooked

PLATO BAKE (15min)
Spread the Onion mixture evenly over the Plato
Spread the Courgettes evenly over the Onions
Covered the Courgettes with the Cheese
Baked for 15min still at 190°C

complete protein 20.6g
saturated fats 11.8g
uncompleted legume protein 8.6g

Tue 11.02 – Mon 17.02

TUE 11
Chickpeas, Hazelnuts, Albumen
Onions, Albumen, garlic, chilli
Courgettes, mixed herbs, tarragon, Table Cheese

WED 12
Chickpeas, Pine Nuts, Albumen
Leeks, Philadelphia Light
Fennel, fennel seed

THU 13
Kidney Beans, Almonds, Albumen
Leeks, Courgettes, basil
Tomatoes, Table Cheese, garlic

FRI 14
Lentils, Pine Nuts, Albumen
Spinach, Sussex Charmer, nutmeg, pepper
Pak Choi, garlic

SAT 15
Kidney Beans, Almonds, Albumen
Carrots, ginger, Table Cheese
Broccoli, nutmeg, pepper

SUN 16
Lentils, Pine Nuts, Albumen, Filo Pastry
Fennel, fennel seed
Carrots, chilli, Sussex Charmer

MON 17
Lentils, Hazelnuts, Albumen
Celeriac, Philadelphia Light, Albumen, celery seed
Curly Kale, garlic granules, chilli powder, Parsley

W 268 abcd

Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.4 Winsor Red Deep (unused)
n.9 Burnt Umber (unused)
n.8 Amethyst Genuine
Watercolour paper NOT 280gsm 38 x 28cm

additional exercise using some materials above:
n.8 Amethyst Genuine was not used in the additional exercise
entirely painted with guidance


n.4 keeping God in mind
dawn to daybreak no
not bright sunshine or rain
not flower words
God’s loving light
rays, lines, no particular direction
in Winsor Red Deep, heart or winning
blood lines, no
straight lines
or can be anything
God’s choice at the time
so that I am not able to distort the image even accidentally
though I doubt I could, anyway..

n.9 speaking the truth
peaks, no
nein, which sounds like nine means no in German for instance
and truth here is in shadow, in Umber
the shadow of another shape, no
no indication is given to me
it may be entirely directed during the painting
God wants to keep His options open

n.8 caring most for what is closest
details, magnifying details perhaps
not lances
not galaxies
miles, perspective, no
heat mirages, no
oceans of light
not oceans
but light
in ‘am atheist’, in disbelief perhaps
so not a realistic image perhaps
not triangles
not lines
washes, no
the light side of the dark Umber perhaps
together forming an image

lines in Red in 4
dark Umber in 9, large shapes
light Amethyst in 8