W 261 abcd

Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.4 Winsor Red Deep
n.7 Raw Sienna
n.10 Indanthrene Blue
Watercolour paper NOT 280g 38 x 28cm

additional exercise using all materials above:
entirely painted with guidance


initially this feels personal
being asked to lay bare my inadequacies
and being told whether I need to face a demon or not
namely whether I have to take on help which would involve a great deal of social interaction
which I would fail at and am dreading
this has been on my mind n.4
involves people at Church Raw Sienna
and if requested would be an attempt at working together Indanthrene Blue
it is not something I would want to choose but I am given so much good it is fair that I have to face my share of difficulties
balance, I think, if God chooses me to have to do this
I would see it as balancing all the good he gives me in other ways
either way I believe God’s choice would be best for this time

n.10 has been used every day for quite a while now and is used again today
value everything but not too much, in Indanthrene Blue
balancing valuing or not, whether to work together or not
God’s worlds, no
God’s encouraging presence, finding courage within, something within perhaps
not forts

n.4 keeping God in mind, wanting His choices for preference
in Winsor Red Deep, about winning perhaps
personal victory not being everything
whereas God’s victory is always preferable
dawn to daybreak, sunsets, sunrises, no
not horizontal lines
God paints the world in children wise
God’s loving light, triangles perhaps
red triangles of light

n.7 working carefully, mirrors the working in Indanthrene perhaps
God moved the mountains perhaps
triangles again
in Raw Sienna representing structures, framework
as Indanthrene was contained within
perhaps it is contained within the Raw Sienna triangles
mixing together, no
not making green

red triangles of light
yellow triangles
blue contained within the yellow triangles