Lentil Potage with Bread and Celeriac Greens

hearty individual portion
served with two Ciabatta Bread Rolls (17.01.2020) frozen and thawed for a day and heated a couple of minutes, wrapped in foil in a warm oven

70g Red Lentils, cooked in 200ml hot water for 10min, not drained
30ml Sunflower Oil
200g Carrots, sliced into thin wedges
160g Fennel, this was some bulb and stems left over from previous day, sliced thinly
130g Onion mostly sliced thin
350g Celeriac, sliced into medium small sticks
200g Baby Greens, removing leafless stems and slicing the rest quite thinly across
1/2 teaspoon celery seed
pinch ground pepper
1 teaspoon mixed herbs
30g Table Cheese, eg Twineham Grange, grated finely

LENTIL POTAGE (about 60min)
In a large pan with 15ml Sunflower Oil gradually added the Carrots, Fennel and Onion as they were being prepared
Fried these for about 15min
45 min before the end added 300ml hot water, covered and simmered for the remaining time
4min before the end added the cooked Lentils
At the end of cooking pureed the Potage with hand blender until smooth
After serving added the Cheese on top

In large frypan with 15ml Sunflower Oil spread around, added the Greens to one side and the Celeriac to the other
Fried both 20min trying to keep mostly separate
10min before the end added pepper and mixed herbs to the Greens and celery seed to the Celeriac
Towards the end of cooking stirred both together

complete protein 21.2g
saturated fats 10.1g
uncompleted legume protein 3.6g