Fennel Asparagus Plato Tart

individual portion

180g tinned Kidney Beans
40g toasted flaked Almonds ground not too fine in a mini-chopper
10ml Almond extract eg oil-based (half would be enough)
pinch ground pepper
1 Albumen
30ml Sunflower Oil
280g Fennel taken from two Fennel heads, keeping most of the bulbs and fronds while the rest will be used for soup another day
1/2 teaspoon fennel seed
240g Asparagus, halved longways except the tips
30g Cheddar-like Cheese eg Sussex Charmer

Preheated oven to 190°C
Prepared the Plato Tart by blending the Albumen, pepper and Beans with hand blender until quite pink and smooth except for some skins remaining
Spread this quite thinly and evenly like a tart shape, a little way up the sides, in a 21x16x6cm glass oven dish fully lined with parchment paper eg Bacofoil non stick baking paper
Baked 20min

FENNEL (15min)
In small frypan fried the Fennel in 15ml Sunflower Oil for 15min
8min before the end stirred in the fennel seed and fronds

In medium large frypan fried the Asparagus in 15ml Sunflower Oil for 15min

PLATO TART (20min)
Spread the Fennel on the Plato Tart
Spread the Asparagus on the Fennel
Covered with the Cheese
Baked another 20min

complete protein 21g
saturated fats 12.5g
uncompleted legume protein 5.1g