W 252 abcd

Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.4 Raw Sienna (unused)
n.7 Raw Umber
n.9 Phthalo Turquoise
Watercolour paper NOT 280gsm 38 x 28cm

additional exercise using all materials above:
entirely painted with guidance


n.4 keeping God in mind, in Raw Sienna which is to me about religions, structures, framework
dawn to daybreak, bright sunshine or rain, God’s loving light shines out through all his guides
not like rays of sunshine, not like fireworks, not like stars in a galaxy, but everywhere, not in one area, in small brushstrokes
like highlights, of everything
n.7 work carefully, in Raw Umber, in shadow
this is the contrast necessary to show the light
God moved the mountains perhaps as this is in Raw Umber, mountain shapes again
n.9 this is about speaking the truth, in Phthalo Turquoise which is about disbelief to my mind
my thoughts had been dwelling on the difficulty of balancing my perceived need for acceptance and yet remaining honest. I try to follow known God given routines – for instance, trying to be accepting but refraining from reciprocating unless it is honestly felt – if possible and place my faith in God alone if I cannot find the balance, though there is no Turner’s Yellow here to show that
perhaps the Phthalo is the principal shape with Raw Sienna and Raw Umber trying to find an equilibrium around it
speaking can be gold or yellowed here with the Sienna and Umber
speaking, peak, mountain, forming the structure
the entire picture here is mountain peaks with light and shade
the colours mixing will be quite green, the mountains looking like trees, again, perhaps