W 250 abcd

Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.2 Turner’s Yellow (unused)
n.5 Perylene Green
n.7 Amethyst Genuine (unused)
Watercolour paper NOT 280gsm 38 x 28cm

additional exercise using all materials above
please be with me and with guidance


this initially speaks of opposites, contrasts
yellow is often the colour of cowardice but Turner’s Yellow may represent faith
Perylene, sounds like ‘peril in’ but green may represent joy
Amethyst looks like a mountain to climb, fearsome, requiring effort, but Genuine is about truth
n.2 know God is everything, may be discomforting, removing forts, no vertical lines in yellow
Turner was a painter who often, I think, painted pure light, painting with the light in front of him, contrary to tradition of having the light in front of the subject, lighting up the subject, he had the light behind it. Creating contrast.
Horizontal lines in yellow with Perylene Green in front creating the sharp contrast as it can be very dark perhaps
I have an amethyst, a drawing of it is posted here ‘Drawing exercise 9(3)’
it has no verticals or horizontals though – looks more like the shape of an umbrella, perhaps indicating this is more about water, God filled the seas, this is the Amethyst
Perylene being like mountains and valleys
sky land and sea
not in three areas, one horizontal line
yellow sky above, like daylight
Amethyst sea, perhaps like night
with the Perylene green mountains being lit by light above and below equally, like reflections in the sea
the colours here remind me of a sketch of an evening sky, ‘Colour’

probably not using the horizontal versus vertical idea or Amethyst mountains:
n.5 thank God, if feeling discomforted, if the Perylene green is horizontal let the yellow make it lighter, more joyful
whereas where the Perylene Green is vertical, not discomforted, like a green fort, the yellow can be at the back in contrast perhaps
n.7 work and care, every second is a pot of gold, in faith
perhaps the image is contained in a yellow sun
God moved the mountains
faith is said to move mountains too
Amethyst mountains perhaps
Perylene making the shadows
washed with light, yellow, on the horizontal but not on the vertical perhaps