W 248 abcd

Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.9 Italian Venetian Red
n.5 Rhodonite Genuine (unused)
n.8 Lapis Lazuli Genuine
Watercolour paper NOT 280gsm 38 x28cm

additional exercise using all materials above:
please be with me
guiding where to apply paint and stop


two colours are genuine, made from the actual rock, the third is in n.9 speak the truth
truth is somehow important here
no mirroring or doubling or shading
the kind of truth Picasso and Braque were looking for when turning to collage to eliminate shadows whilst retaining authenticity of image perhaps
red the colour of the written word
rainbow colours telling how you are
the nearest thing to yellow here is the Italian Venetian Red so if there is a rainbow this would be the yellow, if any, very pale perhaps, more red gold than yellow, like the sun close to the horizon
something like the Burnt Umber represented the gold, the pot of gold
it is often the colour of the Earth
Italian Venetian Red is sometimes the colour of the warm Italian land, terra cotta
if that is the Earth, the core, then Rhodonite would follow surrounded by the blue sky, making a full circle
but this misses green
so perhaps starting with blue, then yellow then blue
or back to yellow after the lapis to obtain some form of green perhaps
n.5 thank God in artful beauty, Rhodonite
lots of red, the written word
n.8 treasure intimacy smiles like warmest summertime, blue skies or touch can be an ocean of delight
the earth is known as the Blue planet
so this would indicate the core is blue
surrounded by the nearest to yellow, the Venetian Red
then some Rhodonite though this is a thinner brush
then finishing with the Lapis Lazuli
in a kind of a circle
overall perhaps this could be a wash, adding water first then colour
in bands perhaps suggesting the rainbow
9, the truth, the colour of warm earth
5, thankfulness, the colour of artful beauty
8, magnifies the detail, treasure every little thing in the colour of divine intervention
not a square
focusing on the beauty and truth of the colours
no mixing
no small details, this is the detail
applying the water with one brush and the paint with another
blending them
letting the colours do their thing
please be with me, I guess

to me these colours signify actual people or beings,
Rhodonite, mother
Venetian Red, childhood friend
Lapis Lazuli, God’s presence