Chestnut Bean Bake

individual portion
dairy free

this needs to be turned upside down after cooking, placing a dish over the oven dish and tuning the whole thing over, carefully as there is nothing holding the Bake together
also the ground spices need to be less as the Chestnut does not mix with the other ingredients but forms a base

187.5g tinned Butter Beans
40g toasted flaked Almonds
10ml Almond extract
30ml Sunflower Oil
200g Tenderstem Broccoli, stems sliced into more or less even shaped chunks, halved if large and parboiled 5min, florets and leaves set aside
3 Albumen
200g Chestnut Puree eg Merchant Gourmet
generous pinch each of nutmeg(gr) and pepper(gr)
1tsp ground cinnamon
350g Chestnut Mushrooms, stems levelled with cap, cap sliced medium

Preheated oven to 190°C

BEAN BAKE (10min)
In a bowl stirred together the first three ingredients
Placed in oven dish 21x16x6cm lined with parchment paper
Baked about 10min

In small frypan fried the Chestnut puree gently with 5ml Sunflower Oil and the ground spices for 5min
Let cool before adding to a jug with 3 Albumen
Blended with a hand blender until very smooth

In large frypan fried the Mushrooms in 15ml Sunflower Oil for 15min until just well cooked

BROCCOLI (10min)
In medium large frypan fried both the stems and florets of Broccoli in 10ml Sunflower Oil for 10min
5min before the end added 60ml hot water
fried until just well cooked and softened

Spread the Broccoli on the Butter Beans
the Mushrooms on the Broccoli
and the Chestnut mixture on top
shaking it to level out
Baked 20min

complete protein 26.3g
saturated fats 6.6g

W 246 abcd

Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.8 Turner’s Yellow (unused)
n.10 Indigo
n.4 Jadeite Genuine
Watercolour paper NOT 280gsm 38 x 28cm

additional exercise using all materials above
please be with me
perhaps obviously the painting seems to suggest that Gold comes out of No in Joy, or put another way, gold comes out of enjoying no
while I was painting, especially the Indigo night my thought was that anyone looking at this might wonder or wish to see what is in that area of night behind the light
the light will always be there and easily seen
but to find the joy in the night may require some effort, some help to learn to appreciate that joy suggested by the painting
in fact the green near night is more intense if anything
I did not plan that
another thought after painting – in the realm of conjecture
the green suggests trees
and they surround the day/night experience
hinting again at the need to go through a ‘green’ existence to arrive at one with an awareness of day/night perhaps
another idea (22.02.2020) thinking about no, the gold here may be faith
this image may represent how faith is born out of no, out of ignorance
joy comes from knowledge
but faith comes out of ignorance and faith in God alone
there is no faith when there is knowledge
making ignorance precious in a different way to knowledge which brings joy
my interpretation is probably informed by my own experience, I have to work at resisting the temptation of thinking I know the answers when I know that any understanding I may have, however rewarding, is at best superficial and limited, always
to me, knowing this is very precious and important
precious because when I fall into the trap of thinking I know something or worse know why God does things, things tend to go wrong for me


n.8 treasure every little thing, making little things big or important
Turner’s Yellow is God, hardly little, but also gold, often given great importance
the image that comes to mind is a cartoon from childhood, Paperon de Paperoni diving into his vault of gold coins and swimming in it
many yellow round circles
also warm sunshine, rays of sunlight perhaps
but this is in the detail
oceans of delight perhaps
oceans of light, sunshine
light bends with water
light generally travels in a straight line, in air, whereas water tries to fill the space it finds
there seem to be two sides to this
n.10 value everything but not too much
two sides again
in Indigo which represents no in crochet
it is about not valuing what is not given
dark blue is like night
night and day
valuing both differently
n.4 dawn to daybreak contains both night and day
Jadeite Genuine, green is the union of blue and yellow
cannot have green without wanting both blue and yellow
water is blue and fills spaces
yellow is like light and travels straight, except in water
they make green together but here green is given as Jadeite
separately and representing joy, as well
maybe two sides one dark one light
or the blue all around and a light planet
making the detail big
one big yellow circle taking over the page perhaps
n.9 speak the truth
no red here
no victory
no winning or losing
like night and day
the sun does not stop shining at night
though it may appear that way
rainbow colours telling how you are
God is not absent for not appearing in a particular way
and is the point of all of life, the purpose, the gold, perhaps
one big yellow circle with Jadeite around the edge and Blue all around perhaps
half yellow half blue circle with Jadeite Genuine all around perhaps
though it makes ‘no sense’ in a painterly way, perhaps it makes sense to God which is more important and always correct whether it be known or not
yellow in the centre and green around and blue on the outside seems to exclude night or blue
whereas the way God wants it had both night and day and joy all around, neither excluded, seems to me

perhaps very simple shapes without detail because this ‘is’ the detail, made bigger
like the image of an atom: nucleus, protons, electrons
also reminds me of the image used for Jing and Jang but trying not to copy that
circle of yellow eclipsing circle of blue, almost, surrounded by Jadeite green