Sleepy Courgettes and Pesto with Lentils and Sweet Potato

individual portion

70g Puy Lentils
250g Onion roughly sliced thinly
45ml Sunflower Oil
150g Sweet Potato, halved longways
350g Courgettes, sliced into medium thin half circles
1 Albumen
30g Basil roughly sliced
1 clove garlic roughly sliced minus the green centre
40g toasted Pine Nuts chopped in a mini chopper
30g Table Cheese eg Twineham Grange, finely grated

Pre-heated oven to 200°C

ALBUMEN (10min)
Boiled one egg 10min
Added the Albumen to the Courgettes (but it did not enjoy being baked 60min)

Placed a large piece of foil in 20cm tim
Placed the Sweet Potato on a square of parchment paper on the foil
Closed the foil well
Baked 60min

Placed a very large piece of foil in 20cm tin (some Courgettes were a little burned in this – glass or ceramic may be preferable)
Placed a large piece of parchment paper on the foil making a hollow
Placed the Courgettes, Albumen and 15ml Sunflower Oil in the hollow
Folded the parchment over the Courgettes
Closed the foil well all around
Baked 60min
At the end of cooking mixed the Courgettes into the Pesto below

LENTILS (20min)
Boiled the Lentils 20min
At the end of cooking drained well then stirred into the Onions

ONIONS (20min+)
In medium large frypan fried the Onion in 15ml Sunflower Oil for 20min
5min before the end of cooking ground some pepper over the Onions
Placed back on high heat a minute or two when the Lentils were stirred in, till warmed through

PESTO (3-4min)
Placed the Basil, garlic and 15ml Sunflower Oil in a jug for blending
Blended with hand blender as far as possible
Added the chopped Pine Nuts and continued to blend
Added the Cheese and continued to blend until smooth

complete protein 20.6g
saturated fats 12.9g
uncompleted legume protein 9.2g

W 245 abcd

Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.4 Burnt Umber (unused)
n.7 Phthalo Turquoise (unused)
n.3 Rhodonite Genuine
Watercolour paper NOT 280gsm 38 x 28cm

additional exercise using all materials above:
this was done with actual guidance for choosing colours, just the three colours
blending and no area other than the white without some Rhodonite Genuine
absolutely gorgeous blue, like deep Lapis Lazuli, comes from mixing Phthalo Turquoise and Rhodonite Genuine, looks like Twilight to me


n.4 God’s loving light shines out through all His guides
but there is no yellow at all
so this may have to be left white
negative space becoming positive
outlined by very pale Burnt Umber perhaps
muddy skies
reminds me of Egon Shiele’s Autumn Sun paintings where the sky looks like crumpled paper
Burnt Umber – shadows, duplicating, three dimensional
overall this is light and shadow
reminds me of God being everywhere, like the white of the paper, but where it is painted on it is more difficult to see; here making an effort to keep the light/white visible, perhaps
Phthalo Turquoise, the colour of the sea
n.7 work diligently, appearances deceiving
God moved the mountains
God filled the seas
perhaps like where the mountains are reflected on water with the doubling and the colour brown of Burnt Umber
Rhodonite Genuine perhaps adding a blush to the sky
these look to me like very pale colours here
n.3 respect God, mirroring, looking back at
all things speak for God upon this planet Earth perhaps indicating the light shines out from where it is painted too
because everything is in the image of God
hence the shining light can be in Rhodonite and Phthalo Turquoise also
to me this feels like all triangles’ish perhaps like interlocking spaces
paddy fields, agricultural land, or outlined spaces filled in with colours
except Planet Earth brings in a round shape, in Rhodonite perhaps
pink planets? Mars or Venus?
disbelieving Phthalo Turquoise blue planet Earth
turning into
artful beauty Rhodonite Genuine pink planet Earth
with God’s grace
or not
letting the brush choose
no planets or circles
keeping the triangles but some filled with Rhodonite Genuine like a patchwork effect
or not
some pale Rhodonite reflections everywhere perhaps
blended in with the other two colours perhaps
some rounding to hint at the underlying round shape of the planet like a rounded horizon line perhaps