W 243 abcd

Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.5 Phthalo Turquoise
n.10 Indigo
n.9 Raw Sienna
Watercolour paper NOT 280gsm 38 x 28cm

additional exercise using all materials above
please be with me
reminds me of ‘when you get given lemons…’ not very novel

overall the plan is to allow the brush to do the work
whatever the plan is, not to impose that structure in a solid way
just keeping it im mind vaguely

n.5 and Phthalo Turquoise seem like two opposite forces to me
thank you and I don’t believe you
contrasts perhaps, broken lines perhaps, broken images, cubist-like
n.5 thank God, thankfulness is smooth
Phthalo Turquise is the colour of the sea sometimes
strangely opposite, seeing and smoothing over have opposite effects but Phthalo, seeing, is the giver and thank you, smoothing, the taker away
n.10 and Indigo again opposite
10 is loving what is but not too much and Indigo represents no in crochet
one is about balance and the other is about absolutes
n.9 speak the truth in Raw Sienna which is about religions, structures or the highlights thereof
indicating the framework
9 is the rainbow, all colours in truth
all colours can be beautiful
– when thank you is meant and when it is not
– when appreciation is felt and when it is not
the difference
here Raw Sienna perhaps represents the Church of Truth if there were such a thing
where thankfulness in Phthalo Turquoise is true there is Raw Sienna
where appreciation in Indigo is true there is Raw Sienna
otherwise they are disbelief and no
broken lines perhaps where there is no Raw Sienna to bring the light of truth
for shapes generally perhaps worlds in n.9 indicate spheres or circles
and rainbows indicate successive lines
must be careful not to let this get too dark
very strong colours in blue
they could also be heaven and sea in lighter shades
worlds being like islands and planets
joined by lines of Raw Sienna in truth
making them whole, not broken

to my mind the ‘Church of Truth’ would be the line ‘what makes You happy is good’ or rather the idea it expresses: that the choice of God is good and best and stands above any other temporary truth, logic or reason, at all times

though it will likely be surpassed by something beyond my present understanding in future

on the other hand I have had in mind recently wheels, circles with spokes, it was an idea given to me in my youth which I had not been able to draw or paint successfully (I failed the Art A Level equivalent), perhaps that idea again