W 241 abcd

Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.5 Winsor Red Deep
n.10 Raw Umber
n.7 Turner’s Yellow
Watercolour paper NOT 280gsm 38 x 28cm

additional exercise using all materials above:
this will be re-painted (on 18.01.2020) in case something was missed by the omission of the connection with the pot of gold (see below)
rethinking this combination
n.5 thank God in Winsor Red Deep which to me sometimes stands for football, so round circles in outline like the word thank you on a card
Raw Umber has another football connection as it was one of two colours used to paint a painting which seemed to predict Arsenal’s victory against the flow of the time (the other was Ultramarine which was about submersion, hiding things)
n.10 value everything but not too much this would be about accepting the previous painting but I cannot feel that if I am to embrace a new one – your worlds wherein my joy can live, circles again, planets perhaps
n.7 work diligently, every second is a pot of gold, in Turner’s Yellow which stands for Gold and God in crochet – more circles as in pots, in Gold this time
this seems to be all circles
please be with me

please be with me as always


n.5 thank God, find the joy in what God gives
in Winsor Red Deep, WRD word
the word thank you like written on a card in outline
filling the paper with outlines
perhaps flowery shapes, wavy lines, You paint my world in flower words
n.10 value what is but not too much
painted in Raw Umber which is shadows, doubling, giving depth
so painting flat, without perspective, in some areas
n.7 work diligently, God makes a gift of every day
dual meaning of working and giving, two sides
Turner’s Yellow, sunshine, two sides, the warmth and the burn
gold or fear
perhaps some yellow given depth with Umber and some kept flat throughout
these colours remind me of cubist paintings by Paul Klee before the war
eg Scenecio https://www.artworkonly.com/famous-art/scenecio-by-paul-klee-famous-art-handmade-oil-painting-on-canvas

p.s. this combination has every second is a pot of gold, work diligently in Turner’s Yellow which symbolises gold in the crochet
but flower words got in the way
and yet this is the pot of gold
because every second is