Beano Plato, Cavolo Nero and Carrots

individual portion
perhaps some orange peel and on an occasion orange marmalade could be added to the Plato

195g tinned Kidney Beans
40g toasted Pine Nuts
1 Albumen lightly whisked
pinch pepper
30ml Sunflower Oil
250g Cavolo Nero, thicker part of stem removed and cut into medium segments, leaves halved and sliced about the same length, then stems parboiled 7min and leaves 3min
seeds of 1/2 vanilla pod (I also added the empty pod to the cooking but I think this was not wise)
300g Carrots, sliced into short medium chunks
large slice of ginger roughly sliced into matchsticks
90g Philadelphia Light

Preheated the oven to 190°C

PLATO (20min)
Prepared Plato by mixing together the first four ingredients
Made a small circle of the Plato in 20cm tin lined with parchment paper
Baked 20min

CARROTS (20min)
In small frypan fried the Carrots in 10ml Sunflower Oil for 20min
8min before the end added 5ml Sunflower Oil to the pan and fried the ginger in this separately
4min before the end, with the ginger nicely cooked, added this and 6 or 7 pieces of the Carrots to a jug with the Philadelphia Light in it and 30ml hot water, and blended with hand blender till smooth
2min before the end added the Creamy mixture to the pan with the Carrots

In medium large frypan fried the Cavolo and the vanilla seeds in 15ml Sunflower Oil for 15min

complete protein 17.5g
saturated fats 11.9g
can easily be 26.1/11.9 as there is 8.6g uncompleted legume protein

Tue 14.01 – Mon 20.01

TUE 14
Kidney Beans, Pine Nuts, Albumen, pepper
Cavolo Nero, vanilla, Carrots, ginger
Philadelphia Light

WED 15
Filo, Lentils, Albumen, Hazelnuts
Tomatoes, Fennel, fennel seed, garlic, thyme
Table Cheese

THU 16

FRI 17
Red Lentils, Peanut Butter
Carrot, Fennel, Onion, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, orange peel
Ciabatta Bread

SAT 18
Butter Beans, Hazelnuts, Albumen
Celeriac, Onion, thyme, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon
Philadelphia Light

SUN 19
Lentils, Onion, pepper
Sweet Potato, Courgettes
Table Cheese, Pine Nuts, basil, garlic

MON 20
Butter Beans, Almonds, Almond extract, Albumen
Mushrooms, Carrots
Chestnut puree, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon

W 240 abcd

Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.10 Raw Sienna
n.3 Raw Umber
n.6 Manganese Blue Hue
Watercolour paper NOT 280gsm 38 x 28cm

additional exercise using all materials above:
please be with me as usual


n.10 is about valuing what there is, without giving it too much importance as it is only as good as God makes it
Raw Sienna – to me seems about framework, structure – it is a warm reddish yellow
n.3 Respect, painted in Raw Umber, this is a dark yellow, the word comes from Italian Ombra or French Ombre, both meaning shadow
Respect – from the Latin respicere re back specere to look at
mirroring and shadows, both forms of duplicating in a way parhaps in the images
Respect – implies care – applying the paint carefully perhaps
n.6 be tolerant, everything is dear to God, this seems about the detail
painted in Manganese Bue Hue which to me symbolises money or correctness, so perhaps true, actual shapes, like circles, squares and triangles