Lentil, Asparagus, Fennel and Hortense

individual portion

70g Puy Lentils, cooked 20min
1 Albumen, lightly whisked
30ml Sunflower Oil
330g Fennel, sliced medium thin longways, stems across
1/2 tsp fennel seed
100g thin Asparagus
lemon juice
130g Basil roughly sliced
1 clove garlic roughly sliced
40g toasted Pine Nuts, chopped in mini chopper
30g Table Cheese, finely grated

FENNEL (40min)
Preheated oven to 220°C
Double wrapped the Fennel, placed a large (about A3) foil in a 20cm tin with parchment paper the same size on top
Made a hollow and placed the Fennel in this with the fennel seed and 15ml Sunflower Oil
Closed the parchment paper over the Fennel and loosely wrapped it closed with the foil
Baked 40min but lowered the temperature to 180°C about halfway to accomodate the Lentils

LENTILS (20min)
Whisked the Albumen with a hand blender a minute and added about 1 tablespoon of the cooked Lentils to this and blended
Stirred in the rest of the Lentils and just before putting in the oven at 180°C with the Fennel
Made a small circle of the Lentils in a 20cm tin lined with parchment paper
Baked for the remaining 20min

Steamed the Asparagus for 15min
Served with squeezed lemon joice

Pesto but with a mountain of Basil (the name comes from Orto which in Italian means vegetable garden, which is where the Basil would grow)
Blended the Basil, garlic and 15ml Sunflower Oil with hand blender
Added the chopped Pine Nuts and then the grated Cheese
Served with all other ingredients piled up around it, like a Basil mountain

complete protein 20.6g
saturated fats 11.3g
9.2g uncompleted legume protein