Lemon yogurt ice-cream experiment (tbc)

too much lemon peel!
and yogurt not fatty enough to just freeze, needs stirring every two hours or so to break up the ice crystals or ice-cream making machine

500g Greek Yogurt eg Total 2% fat
1 Lemon
40ml Plum Jam eg St Dalfour Mirabelle

Peeled the lemon very thinly so there is no bitter pith, I find this easier moving the knife sideways a little back and forth, removing pith from back so it is almost all yellow only
sliced into very thin slivers
boiled 15min

In a jug added the lemon peel, jam and some of the Yogurt to blend with a hand blender
Stirred into the rest of the Yogurt
Placed into a plastic container
Placed in the freezer

after some thawing broke the solid mass of ice with a knife then hand blender and mashed with a fork