Filo Bake, Celeriac and Chard

individual portion

195g tinned Kidney Beans
40g toasted chopped Hazelnuts
2 sheets Filo pastry, thawed from frozen
30ml Sunflower Oil
200g Celeriac, in quite thick slices
celery seed, dry roasted in a frypan 1min
240g Rainbow Chard, stems sliced long and thin, leaves quite wide across
orange, some peel (previously peeled very thin without pith, sliced into thin slivers and boiled 15min then frozen in cling film) thawed
30ml Orange marmalade eg St Dalfour thick cut orange

CELERIAC (30min)
Baked the Celeriac 30min covered in 15ml Sunflower Oil in oven set at 220°C
Blended the Celeriac and celery seed with hand blender
Lowered the oven temp to 180°C

CHARD (10min)
In medium large frypan fried the Chard stems 10min in 15ml Sunflower Oil
5min before the end added the orange peel to the stems
also added the leaves to the pan stirring and gradually mixing in to the stems

BAKE (10 and 15min)
Placed the Filo folded in rectangular oven dish lined with parchment paper so very little comes up the sides
Put the Kidney Beans on the Filo and sprinkled the Hazelnuts all over the Beans pressing down a little
Covered loosely with foil to protect the Hazelnuts
Baked 10min and cooked the Chard (see above)
Placed the Celeriac on top of the Beans and Hazelnuts gently spreading
Placed the Chard on the Celeriac
Put 30ml Orange marmalade into the pan which had the Chard with 15ml hot water and stirred a minute until it is syrupy then spooned over the Chard
Placed the Bake back in the oven 15min

complete protein 9.6g
saturated fats 5.4g
5g uncompleted legume protein