Lentil Curry Soup and Nutty Bread

single portion

80g Red Lentils
20g crunchy Peanut Butter
2 Rolls Nutty Bread, frozen, thawed (recipe 11 December)
150g Carrot
150g Onion
150g Fennel
Curry Powder (Favourite Spice Mixes)
Garam Masala (Favourite Spice Mixes)
chilli, garlic, ginger

CURRY SOUP (1 hour)
Sliced thin 100g each of the Carrot, Onion and Fennel and added to large pan with 15ml Sunflower Oil as they get ready, fried for 20min
Chopped the chilli, garlic, ginger and added to the pan with another 15ml Sunflower Oil, browning a little before stirring in to the veg
Dry roasted the Curry Powder a little minute in a frypan then added to the vegetables, stirring in
After the 20min added 300ml hot water and the Peanut Butter. continued to simmer for another 40min
After cooking, added another 80ml hot water and blended with a hand blender, then pushed through a sieve. Put the Soup back into a pan to warm through.

LENTILS (approximately 20min)
Cooked the Red Lentils in 200ml water for 10min, no drain
At the same time sliced the remaining 50g of Onion and Fennel across fairly thin, also sliced the 50g Carrot in fairly small thin wedges
Dry roasted the Garam Masala in a frypan a little minute then set aside till needed
In the same small frypan added 15ml Sunflower Oil and fried above Onion, Fennel and Carrot for 15min, when starting to colour added the Garam Masala
At the end of cooking added the Lentils and mixed in, covering until needed

BREAD (15min)
Preheated oven to 180°C
Added the Bread Rolls, wrapped in foil, for 15min approximately

Served the Lentils in the Soup with the Bread

complete protein 12.6
saturated fats 8g
10.7g uncompleted legume protein