Lentil Soup and Nutty Bread experiments


similar to 31 October 2019 with added Curry Soup

NUTTY BREAD (about 1hour including preparation)
500g Ciabatta Bread Mix
15ml Sunflower Oil
250ml warm water
200g Chestnut Puree eg Merchant Gourmet
nutmeg(gr) pepper(gr) ground cinnamon(lots)
30ml Sunflower Oil
semolina for dusting

Following more or less instructions on pack
Mixed Bread in bowl with 250ml lukewarm water (knead 5min)
Added 15ml Sunflower Oil (knead 1min)
Placed on surface with semolina, pressed into about 15 x 30 cm shape
Rested 10min

Placed the ground nutmeg and pepper into small frypan and dry roasted for just a minute to release aroma
Stirred in the cinnamon off the heat
Stirred in the 30ml Sunflower Oil and thoroughly mixed in the Chestnut Puree

Spread this Chestnut mixture on the Bread
Rolled and cut the Roll into 10 even sized pieces

Placed each, cut side up, on greased tray and rested in warm place covered with cling film (25 – 30 min)
When ready dusted with Semolina
Preheated oven to 210°C
Baked 20min

LENTIL SOUP (Curry Soup plus Lentils) (Curry Soup 1hour to cook)
150g Carrot, sliced into quarters longways then thin across
150g Fennel bulb sliced thinly across
100g Onion sliced and roughly chopped
garlic, ginger and chilli all chopped
Curry Powder (see favourite spice mixes) dry roasted a minute or so in frypan then set aside till needed
50g Onion thinly sliced for garnish
Garam Masala (see favourite spice mixes) dry roasted in frypan a minute or so then set aside till needed
70g Red split Lentils
20g crunchy Peanut Butter
30ml Sunflower Oil

Started chopping the vegetables (Carrot, Fennel and 100g Onion) and adding them to a pan with 15ml Sunflower Oil when ready
Added about 7.5ml Sunflower Oil to the pan and fried the garlic, chilli and ginger
Stirred in the Curry Powder and continued frying about 20min in total

Added 300ml hot water and continued cooking covered for another 40min
In small frypan with 7.5ml Sunflower Oil fried the 50g Onion for about 10min, adding the Garam Masala towards the end of cooking, to serve as garnish on the Soup – kept aside till needed

At the end of cooking blended the Curry Soup with a hand blender then passed through a sieve

Also cooked the Lentils in another pan according to instructions 10min hard boil then 25min simmer but this turned to mush. Added the Peanut Butter just at the end of cooking to warm.
Drained and added to the Curry Soup
Warmed through again, added the garnish and served with 2 Rolls of the Nutty Bread

(difficult to estimate, especially if the Lentils turn to mush; this is the estimate if they don’t, for the Lentil Soup and 2 Rolls of the Nutty Bread)

complete protein 12.6g
saturated fats 6.4g
8.5g uncompleted Legume protein