Chico Plato with Onions, Spinach and Carrots

single portion

195g tinned Chickpeas
40g roasted chopped Hazelnuts
1 Albumen, lightly whisked
30ml Sunflower Oil
250g frozen Spinach, thawed and squeezed
chilli, sliced into thin strips
90g Philadelphia Light
130g Onion, sliced thinnish
nutmeg(gr) pepper(gr)
275g Carrots, sliced into medium rounds
ginger, sliced into thin matchsticks

PLATO (20min)
Preheated oven to 190°C
Prepared the Plato by mixing together the first three ingredients
Made a small circle of the Plato on a 20cm tin lined with parchment paper
Baked 20min

SPINACH (20min) CARROTS (20min)
In medium large frypan stirred 10ml Sunflower Oil into the Spinach and 10ml Sunflower Oil into the Carrots. Fried both 20min
15min before the end added the cloves to the Carrots
10min before the end added the chilli to the Spinach
8min before the end added the ginger to the Carrots
2min before the end lightly stirred the Cheese into the Spinach

ONION (20min)
In small frypan, fried the Onion in 10ml Sunflower Oil for 20min
10min approximately before the end added the nutmeg and pepper

complete protein 17.5g
saturated fats 12.2g