Ivory Taupe Feather (tbc)

Rowan Superfine Merino 4ply:
5… n. 262 (Ivory)
11.. n. 278 (6 Taupe, 5 Feather )

Started with Hook 4, approximately 293 stitches in Taupe
Then Hook 3, all double crochet, working in the random stripes indicated below, joining the next ball to where the previous one ends


2 – Taupe
1 – Ivory
2 – Taupe
3 – Ivory
5 – Feather
1 – Ivory
2 – Taupe

the pattern below was undone if necessary
because 5 n.278 bought later were clearly a
different colour (different batch)
hence Taupe/Feather name difference
2 balls in Taupe
1 in Ivory
2 in Taupe
4 in Ivory
7 in Taupe, Feather

Note on presenting the yarn: at the moment I prefer to simply hold the yarn just behind the work in my left hand and slip my index finger under it, to lift it a little for the hook to be able to gather it