Nutty Bread, Munchkins and Lentil Soup

lentil soup was changed for preference

NUTTY BREAD (an hour or more)

500g Classic Ciabatta Bread Mix eg Wright’s and following the instructions on this packet, basically
15ml Olive Oil
200g Chestnuts
70g Pine Nuts
nutmeg(gr pepper(gr) ground cinnamon
some semolina for the kneading and sprinkling
some oil for greasing the tin

In a bowl mixed the Bread mix with up to 350ml lukewarm water (used about 260ml) kneaded 5min until dough is smooth
Added 15ml Olive Oil and kneaded 1min more
Pressed the sticky dough out onto semolina floured surface to vaguely 15 x 30cm and rested in warm place 10min
Carefully roasted the Pine Nuts in a dry frypan until golden and then added the Chestnuts and ground spices (pressed the nuts onto the bread and sliced, but it kept falling apart so better to..) mashed the Nut mixture with a potato masher and pressed onto the Bread rectangle, rolled up and sliced into 10 rolls
Placed the rolls cut side up onto a large round and greased tin, sprinkled lightly with semolina and covered loosely with cling film
Rested 30min
Preheated oven to 200°C
Baked 20min

140g Red Lentils
mixed herbs

2 Munchkins, seeds scooped out
30ml Sunflower Oil
garlic chopped
red chilli chopped

Preheated oven to 210°C
Poured 7.5ml Sunflower Oil into each Munchkin, covering the surface inside, mixed the chilli and garlic into the Oil in both Munchkins
Placed in oven dish
Baked 50min

Brought 500ml water to the boil with 15ml Sunflower Oil in a saucepan, poured in the Lentils with the mixed herbs and simmered 45min (quite watery so may use 350ml water in future)

incomplete grain/nut protein per roll about 7.3g
saturated fats per roll about 0.6g

Lentil soup and Munchkins
incomplete legume protein 15.2g
saturated fats 3.3g

Soup, Munchkins and two Rolls of the Nutty Bread:
complete protein 14.6g
saturated fats 4.5g