Lentil Plato with Carrots and Green Beans

single portion

70g Puy Lentils cooked 20min
40g toasted flaked Almonds
1 Albumen lightly whisked
30ml Sunflower Oil
280g Green Beans, parboiled 10min then briefly immersed in cold water to stop cooking
cumin, coriander seeds and fenugreek dry roasted a minute in frypan before being ground
garlic finely chopped
350g Carrots, sliced into medium rounds
ginger and chilli both sliced into slivers
30g Table Cheese grated finely

PLATO (20min)
Preheated oven to 180°C
Prepared Plato by mixing together the first three ingredients
Made a round Plato in 20cm metal oven dish lined with parchment paper
Baked 20min

CARROTS (20min) GREEN BEANS (15min)
In large frypan stirred together the Carrots with 10ml Sunflower Oil and fried 20min in all
15min before the end stirred 15ml Sunflower Oil, the Green Beans and the ground spices together and fried for the remaining time
11min before the end stirred the garlic and chilli into the Carrots
6min before the end added 5ml Sunflower Oil to the frypan to blond the garlic in, before stirring into the Green Beans
At the end of cooking, after having removed the vegetables, added the Cheese to the hot pan, then quickly poured the molten Cheese onto the Plato

complete protein 23g
saturated fats 11.1g