Lentil Plato with Courgettes and Petits Pois

single portion

70g Puy Lentils, cooked 20min
40g toasted flaked Almonds
1 Albumen lightly whisked
150g frozen Petits Pois, parboiled 3min
lemon, one slice cut into pieces
chives cut into medium lengths
pepper(gr) about 15ml lemon juice, tarragon and chives all in a jug
450g Courgettes, sliced into long chunky sticks
garlic chopped fine
90g Philadelphia Light

PLATO (20min)
preheated oven to 180°C
prepared Plato by mixing together the first three ingredients
placed Plato in a small metal oven dish (tin) lined with parchment paper
baked 20min

In medium large frypan stirred the Courgettes and tarragon into 15ml Sunflower Oil and fried 20min in all
5min before the end added 5ml Sunflower Oil to the pan and put the garlic to blond in this before mixing into the Courgettes
4min before the end transferred the Peas separately to this pan
2min before the end added the chives to the Peas

PEAS (15min)
In small frypan stirred the Peas and the lemon slices into 10ml Sunflower Oil and fried 15min in all
4min before the end transferred the Peas to the pan with the Courgettes

SAUCE (4min)
stirred the Cheese into the contents of the jug
4min before the end of the cooking above, added a few pieces of Courgette, a table spoon full of Peas and 15ml hot water to the jug and blended with a blender
2min before the end of cooking poured the Cheese mixture into the small pan where the Peas were to warm through well

complete protein 19.9g
saturated fats 13g
and 15.4g uncompleted legume protein