Carrots and Pak choi with Beef Steak and Rice or Lentil Plato

two portions, one vegetarian one omnivore

70g Puy Lentils, cooked 20min
40g roasted chopped Hazelnuts
1 Albumen, lightly whisked
30g Table Cheese, finely grated
45ml Sunflower Oil
550g Pak Choi, stems sliced roughly medium, leaves also medium
garlic chopped, chilli powder, Soy Sauce
300g Carrots, sliced into thinnish matchsticks
ginger sliced into matchsticks
300g Beef Sirloin Steak, eg Aberdeen Angus, fat borders removed and marinated in a bag with Worcestershire Sauce, pepper(gr) and Madeira
130g Thai Microwave Rice eg Vee Tee

PLATO (20min)
Preheated oven to 180C
Stirred the Hazelnuts into the Albumen and then the Lentils. Placed the Plato onto a parchment lined metal oven dish, covered with the Cheese and baked 20min.

PAK CHOI (20min)
In large frypan stirred 15ml Sunflower Oil into the Pak Choi stems and started frying.
15min before the end placed the leaves on top and continued frying.
5min before the end added a drop of Oil left in the spoon for the garlic to blond before mixing into the Pak Choi. Also sprinkled on a little chilli powder.
At the end added a little Soy Sauce to the omnivore part.

CARROTS (20min)
In large frypan stirred 15ml Sunflower Oil into the Carrots and a little into the ginger. Fried 20min in all.

BEEF (12min including resting time, rare)
Preheated pan 2min with 15ml Sunflower Oil
Fried the Beef 3min one side, turned, salted the cooked side and continued frying another 2min. Then wrapped in foil to rest about 5min. Added the rest of the marinade to the pan to evaporate the alcohol then placed the Beef back in the pan with any juices to stir into the sauce.
Microwaved the Rice 1min.

complete protein 60g
saturated fats 17.6g

complete protein 20.6g
saturated fats 10.7g