Courgette, Carrots with Meatballs and Rice or Beano Plato

two portions, one vegetarian, one omnivore

200g Minced Aberdeen Angus Beef (15% fat)
chilli, cumin(dry roasted in a pan for a few minutes and ground), cocoa, mixed herbs and Worcestershire Sauce.
125g Mexican Rice
450g Courgettes, sliced into medium rounds
tarragon chopped
garlic finely chopped
400g Carrots sliced into chunky chip size
nutmeg(gr) pepper(gr) ground cinnamon
70g Sheep’s Cheese eg Singleton Parlick
195g tinned Kidney beans
40g crunchy Peanut butter

PLATO (20min)
Preheated oven to 180C. Stirred the Peanut butter into the Albumen and also the beans. Placed onto metal dish lined with parchment paper and baked 20min.

In a large pan with 15ml Sunflower Oil fried the Courgettes for 20min in all.
5min before the end added 5ml Sunflower Oil to the pan and put the garlic in this to blond before stirring into the Courgettes.
2min before the end stirred in the tarragon.

CARROTS (20min)
In large frypan stirred the Carrots with the nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon and 20ml Sunflower Oil. Fried 20min in all.
At the end of cooking placed the Cheese on the Carrots to melt a little.

BEEF and RICE (10min)
Mixed the chilli powder, cocoa, cumin and mixed herbs into the Minced Beef and shaped lightly into small balls.
Pre heated pan and fried the meatballs in 15ml Sunflower Oil for 5min, turning as necessary. Added salt and some Worcestershire Sauce.
3min before the end placed the Rice in the same pan to warm through.

complete protein 49.7g
saturated fats 23g

complete protein 12.3g
saturated fats 12.7g
uncompleted legume protein 26.4g