Carrots, Fennel with Chicken Noodles or Lentil Plato

two portions, one vegetarian, one omnivore
70g Puy Lentils, cooked 20min
40g toasted, flaked, Almonds
1 Albumen lightly whisked
160g Chicken breast, sliced into thinnish strips
Chinese Spices (Szechuan pepper, fennel seed, cinnamon, star anise, cloves)
1 nest medium wholewheat egg noodles
400g Fennel, sliced medium thin longways, stem across
fennel seed
450g Carrots sliced into thinnish matchsticks
ginger root, sliced into thin matchsticks
70g Sheep Cheese eg Singleton Parlick, roughly sliced
60ml Sunflower Oil
Soy Sauce

preheated frypan, then with 15ml Sunflower Oil fried Chicken a few minutes to seal in the juices. Seasoned with the spices and some salt. Loosely wrapped in foil and placed in oven. Kept pan aside.
Boiled the Noodles 4min as per instructions.
Added a splash of Madeira to the pan and boiled off the alcohol. Put the Chicken back into pan, stirred and then stirred in the Noodles adding Soy Sauce.

FENNEL (20min)
With 15ml Sunflower Oil, fried the Fennel and fennel seed for 20min in all. When cooked put the Cheese on top to melt a little.

CARROTS (15min)
In large frypan with 15ml Sunflower Oil, preheated pan then added Carrots and ginger on the side and fried 15min in all gradually stirring in the ginger.

PLATO (20min)
Preheated oven to 180g Stirred the Almonds into the Albumen and then mixed in the Lentils. Placed on metal dish lined with parchment paper. Baked 20min in all.

complete protein 20.7g
saturated fats 10.1g

complete protein 57.1g
saturated fats 8.8g