Thai Chicken

single portion
this is based on Delia Smith’s recipe called “quick Thai chicken & coconut curry” in How to Cheat at Cooking

160g Chicken Breast, skinless, boneless
160ml Light Coconut Milk
15ml Sunflower Oil
20g toasted flaked Almonds
coriander seeds
Kaffir Lime leaves
1/2 Red Chilli
Lime wedges
coriander leaves
140g Microwave Thai Rice

Sliced the Chicken into medium sized cubes
ground the cumin and coriander
pounded the Almonds with mortar and pestle but not entirely
chopped the garlic
scrunched the Kaffir Lime leaves
sliced the Chilli finely
chopped the Coriander leaves

Cooking (about 10min)
In large frypan dry roasted the ground cumin and coriander a minute then set aside.
Added 15ml Sunflower Oil to hot pan and fried the garlic, Kaffir lime leaves and Chilli a minute before adding the Chicken pieces. When the Chicken is slightly seared stirred in the ground toasted spices, then the Almonds and a minute later the Coconut Milk. Cooked about 10mins in all and seasoned with some salt.

Prepared the microwave rice as instructed on pack (1min)
served with coriander leaves and lime wedges

Complete protein 45.8g
Saturated fats 12.2g