Szechuan Beef and Noodles

two portions, omnivore
400g Sirloin Beef eg British, sinews and fat removed, sliced thinnish and then in half again longways, to make matchstick shapes
2 large Carrots, sliced into thinnish matchstick shapes
550g fresh Noodles eg Udon Noodles
large thumb piece of ginger sliced into thin matchsticks
1 red chilli, seeds removed, sliced into thin matchsticks
45ml Olive Oil
80ml Madeira dry eg H&H
40ml Soy Sauce reduced salt
Salt and Szechuan Pepper (gr)
Coriander chopped

BEEF (aprox 23min)
Preheated large frypan with 15ml Olive Oil, fried on high heat the Carrots a couple of minutes then added the ginger, 10min in all. Salted lightly and removed them to a side plate.
Preheated same pan with another 15ml Olive Oil, when very hot added the Beef, fried high till starting to brown (important that the liquid from the meat is quickly evaporated so that it does not become a stew: small batches, high heat) then added the Chilli, continued about 7min.
Stirred in the Madeira, when partly absorbed added the Carrots back to warm through.
Stirred in the Soy Sauce and finally sprinkled on the Pepper

NOODLES (10min)
Preheated pan to hot with 15ml Olive Oil and fried the Noodles in this about 10min. Stirred in the coriander at the end.

Complete protein 33.2g
Saturated fats 23.7g

n.b. not for personal use