Lentil Mish Mash

single portion
70g Puy Lentils cooked 20min
200g red Onion, sliced thinnish and roughly chopped
nutmeg(gr) pepper(gr) ground cinnamon
30ml Sunflower Oil
100g baby Tomatoes, halved
mixed herbs
70g tenderstem Broccoli, stems sliced thinnish, florets whole
garlic chopped fine
130g Asparagus tips, halved longways
40g roasted chopped Hazelnuts
30g Table Cheese, finely grated

LENTILS (20min)
In small frypan mixed the Onions, 10ml Sunflower Oil and the ground spices, fried to caramelize before adding the lentils. 20min in all.
10min before the end stirred in the Lentils

ASPARAGUS (20min) BROCCOLI (20min) TOMATOES (10min)
In large frypan placed the Asparagus about 7ml Sunflower Oil, the Broccoli stems with about 7ml Sunflower Oil and fried separately for 20min in all
15min before the end added the florets to the Broccoli
10min before the end added about 5ml Sunflower Oil to the pan and fried the Tomatoes and mixed herbs in that for the remaining 10min.
5min before the end added about 1ml Sunflower Oil to the pan and put the garlic in this to blond before stirring into the Broccoli.
1min before the end added the Hazelnuts to the pan to warm through on the Asparagus
At the end of cooking placed the Cheese on the Tomatoes and Broccoli

Complete protein 20.6g
Saturated fats 11.3g