Kidney Bean Salad, Green Beans and Choi Sum

simgle portion
edited for preference and to correct

195g tinned Kidney beans
1 Albumen, from 8min boiled egg, chopped
garlic, chopped
tarragon, large stems removed
100g Mini Red Cos Lettuce, sliced medium thin
30g Wensleydale, sliced thin or crumbled
30ml Sunflower Oil
150g Dwarf Green Beans, whole, parboiled 10min, adding cold water to stop cooking
40g toasted flaked Almonds
125g Choi Sum, stems sliced to about the same as thin beans, leaves sliced medium

GREEN BEANS (15min) CHOI SUM (15min)
In large frypan, stirred the Choi Sum stems into 10ml Sunflower Oil and the Green Beans also into 10ml Sunflower Oil. Fried both 15min in all.
10min before the end added the leaves to the Choi Sum
1min before the end added the Almonds to the Green Beans.

In another large frypan stirred the Kidney Beans/tarragon/pepper and the Albumen separately into about 10ml Sunflower Oil, keeping a little of the Oil aside. Fried both 10min in all.
5min before the end added the remaining Oil to the pan and let the garlic blond in that before stirring into the Beans
At the end of cooking stirred in the Lettuce, Cheese and a squeeze of lemon while still on the hob, to warm a little.

Complete protein 20.5g
Saturated fats 11.1g

Cover n.6 – “GB” (out of date)

New post will be published with current details when this is being assembled

“GB” (Getting Better)

Crochet Hook n.3
ROWAN Summerlite 4Ply (cotton)
3 – n.441 (Heart)
3 – n.439 (Gold)
3 – n.433 (Jade)
3 – n.439 (Twilight)
2 – n.440 (Pumpkin) for joining and edging

12 x 15 rows of squares
15 squares approximately per ball of yarn
instructions as for ‘Summer Cover’

Note (10 Oct 2019) The squares are finished but I am not given the pattern so it will likely not be made like Shelta and Incognito.