Nutty Lentils, Fennel and Warm Salad

single portion
70g Puy Lentils, cooked 20min
40g toasted flaked Almonds
thyme, chopped
40ml Sunflower Oil
190g Fennel, sliced medium thin, stems and fronds across, bulb longways, fronds set aside
fennel seed
fennel teabag made into about 200ml tea
130g Radishes, quartered
1 Albumen, from 8min boiled egg, chopped
80g Baby Leaf Salad
basil, stems chopped, leaves sliced a little
Wensleydale, sliced quite fine

LENTILS (10min)
In small covered frypan, stirred the Lentils and thyme into 15ml Sunflower Oil. Fried high at first then covered on lower heat for 10min in all.
1min before the end stirred in the Almonds.

FENNEL (20min) SALAD (10min)
In large frypan, stirred the Fennel and fennel seed into 15ml Sunflower Oil and fried 20min in all.
17min before the end started adding the fennel tea and continued throughout to keep fennel from drying.
10min before the end added 10ml Sunflower Oil to the pan and fried the Albumen, Radishes and pepper in this for 10 min in all. Also added the fronds to the Fennel.
When finished cooking stirred the Salad, basil and Cheese into the radishes to wilt and warm through. Also squeezed on some Lemon.

Complete protein 20.5g
Saturated fats 11.8g

TO REDUCE FATTINESS; the Cheese releases oil when heated, making the Salad very oily so reduced the Sunflower Oil to 10ml for all: Fennel, Lentils and Salad ingredients, which works well for the Salad so I have edited to that effect, but not for the Fennel or Lentils.

With 30ml Sunflower Oil:
Saturated fats 10.8g