WED 31 – THU 1
Lentils, Onions
Greens, Almonds, Albumen
Carrots, Table Cheese, nutmeg, pepper

FRI 2 – SAT 3
Kidney beans, Salad, thyme
Tomatoes, Sheep Cheese
Broccoli, Albumen, Peanut butter

SUN 4 – MON 5
Chickpeas, Hazelnuts
Chicory, Fennel, Philadelphia Light, fennel seed
Peas, Albumen tarragon, garlic

W 73 abcd

Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.10 with Venetian Red
n.5 with Phthalo Turquoise
n.2 with Indigo
Watercolour paper NOT 280gsm 38 x 28cm

Amethyst gen.
Rhodonite gen.
Permanent Rose
Winsor Red Deep
Venetian Red
Raw Sienna
Turner’s Yellow
Raw Umber
Burnt Umber
Perylene Green
Terre Verte
Jadeite gen.
Lapis Lazuli gen.
Manganese Hue
Mayan Blue gen.
Phthalo Turquoise
Indanthrene Blue

(removed Ultramarine and Sap Green,
replaced Cerulean with Lapis Lazuli gen, Indian Red with Venetian Red, Prussian Blue with Phthalo Turquoise
added Amethyst, Rhodonite, Mayan Blue and Jadeite, all genuine))