Nutty Lentils with warm Asparagus salad and creamy Tomato relish

70g Puy Lentils, cooked 20min
40g roasted chopped Hazelnuts
30ml Sunflower Oil
1 Albumen, 1 egg hardboiled 8min, yolk removed, Albumen chopped
100g baby Tomatoes, roughly chopped
100g ridge Cucumber, roughly chopped
5 radishes, roughly chopped
15g Basil, stem chopped, leaves lightly chopped
90g Philadelphia Light
225g Asparagus, halved longways keeping tip whole
100g baby leaf and rocket Salad

After cooking, added 15ml Sunflower Oil to the Lentils while still hot and left to cool. Just before serving added the Hazelnuts and stirred in well.

Mixed the Tomatoes, Cucumber and Radish. Stirred in the Philadelphia until well blended then added the Basil and also the Albumen.

In large frypan with 15ml Sunflower Oil, fried the Asparagus for 10min on high heat. Removed from heat a minute then added the Salad and stirred to cover in the Oil and to wilt a little.

Complete protein 17.5g
Saturated fat 11.8g

W 68 abcd

Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.9 with Winsor Red
n.5 with Aureolin
n.2 with Burnt Umber
Watercolour paper NOT 280gsm 38 x 28cm