Beano Plato with Fennel and Pak Choi

Double Plato: first three ingredients mixed together
375g tinned Butter beans
80g crunchy Peanut butter
2 Albumen
30ml Sunflower Oil
350g Fennel, sliced medium thin, stems and fronds across, bulb longways, fronds set aside
250g Pak Choi, stems sliced thinnish longways, leaves left whole
fennel seed
garlic chopped fine
90g Philadelphia Light

PLATO (22min)
Preheated oven to 220C (Mark 8). Placed Plato in oven dish lined with parchment paper and baked 22min. Used half, set half aside.

FENNEL (20min) Pak Choi (15min)
In large frypan, stirred the Fennel and fennel seed into 15ml Sunflower Oil and fried 20min in all. Added most of 15ml Sunflower Oil to the pan, placed the stems of the Pak Choi in that, the leaves on top and fried 15min in all. About 10min before the end, added the oil left in the spoon to the pan, placed the garlic in that to blond before stirring into the Pak Choi. At the same time stirred the fronds into the Fennel. About 2min before the end, added the Cheese and 30ml hot water to the pan before stirring lightly into the Fennel.

Complete protein 11.5g
Saturated fats 13.4g
uncompleted Legume protein 23.1g

To REHEAT the remaining Plato, placed in oven, pre-heated to 180C, for 14min. Vegetables cooked as per recipe.

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Sable round brushes, colours and paper:
n.7 with Raw Sienna
n.9 with Turner’s Yellow
n.2 with Indanthrene
Watercolour paper NOT 280gsm 38 x 28cm