Muesli and Fresh Fruit (cold or baked or warm) with Yogurt

single portions
if countering celebratory overindulgence, half the cereal quantity

1 dessert spoon full of Cocoa, about 5g
30ml or so hot water
1 ripe Banana
100g Muesli base eg Jordans Natural Muesli having removed the dried fruit
~170g 2% fat Yogurt eg Total
Warmed the bowl if cold, placed the Cocoa in the bowl, added the hot water and the Banana and mashed or blended with hand blender. Poured in the Muesli and stirred. Added the Yogurt to one side.

WARM BANANA MUESLI: this can also be warmed a little; as well as the hot water added to the banana and making the dish warm, the cereal can be placed to warm in the oven while preparing the other ingredients for about 5min

complete protein 16.5g
saturated fats 3.4g
uncompleted grain/nut/seed protein 13.1g

~300g sweet Apples, grated whole
100g Muesli base as above
~170g 2% fat Yogurt as above
Stirred the Muesli into the grated Apples and added the Yogurt in the middle.

10ml Vanilla extract (or 1/2 Vanilla, seeds scraped out and the pod skin left whole)
~350g sweet Apple, roughly chopped, core removed eg Royal Gala
100g Muesli base eg Jordans Natural Muesli
~170g 2% fat Yogurt eg Total

Cooked the Apple and Vanilla in microwave 9min on high heat (eg 1000W) (or cooked in a small pan with about 250ml hot water for 20min) to make a sort of compote
Stirred the Cereal into the Apples, mashing them together
Loosely flattened the mixture into a 20cm tin lined with parchment paper and left an hour or two to allow the Cereal to soak in the Apple juices if possible – eg left in an oven with timer pre-set to time required and temperature at 170°C, baking for 40min
or cooked 30min in preheated oven to 170°C
Served with the Yogurt

Ingredients like baked version
Cooked Apple and Vanilla same as baked version and stirred in the Cereal, but served with Yogurt without baking first

complete protein 16.5g
saturated fats 2.9g
uncompleted grain/nut/seed (gnus) protein 12.1g