W 33abcd

Colours: Magenta, Permanent Rose, Indian Red, Aureolin, Turner’s Yellow, Terre Verte, Prussian Blue, Indanthrene
Brushes sable round n.1 n.2 n.4 n.5 n.9 n.10
Watercolour paper NOT 280gsm 65 x 38cm

Personal understanding of Colours and Brushes as instructed by God (though I could be misunderstanding):
Magenta (Gum, GM, male, my child), brush n.1 (Trust God)
Indanthrene (Twilight, T, two lights working together), brush n.2 (Know He is everything)
Turner’s Yellow (Gold, GD, God), brush n.2 (Know He is everything)
Indian Red (Pumpkin, Papa, Pa-y Pa-l, P, the reason I was chosen), brush n.2 (God is everything)
Prussian Blue (Navy, N, No), brush n.4 (Keep Him in my thoughts)
Permanent Rose (Girl, G, my parent), brush n.5 (Thank Him)
Aureolin (Light, L, seeing, oneself?), brush n.9 (Speak truly)
Terre Verte (Jade, J, joy), brush n.10 (Value every instant every thing I am given, all I can, while it is mine)