Beano Plato with Spinach and Carrot

Plato: first three mixed together
187.5g tinned Butter beans
40g crunchy Peanut butter
1 Albumen
45ml Sunflower Oil
250g frozen baby leaf Spinach thawed and squeezed
300g Carrots sliced medium thin
Nutmeg (gr) Pepper (gr)
90g Philadelphia Light

CARROTS (20min) SPINACH (20min)
In large frypan mixed the Carrots with 15ml Sunflower Oil beside the Spinach mixed with the spices and 15ml Sunflower Oil. Fried both 20min in all. Added the Cheese to the Carrots with 30ml hot water 2min before the end of cooking and stirred.

PLATO (20min)
In covered frypan with 15ml Sunflower Oil cooked the Plato 15min turned between a third to halfway.

Complete Protein 11.5g
Incomplete Legume Protein 23.1g
Saturated Fats 15g