Chico Plato with Peas and Cavolo nero

Plato: first three mixed together
195g tinned Chickpeas
40g roasted chopped Hazelnuts
1 Albumen, lightly whisked
3 Tbl Sunflower Oil
200g frozen Petits Pois, parboiled 3mins and lightly mashed
100g Cavolo nero, stems sliced thinnish diagonally leaves wide
35g semi-hard Sheep Cheese, sliced thinnish

CAVOLO NERO (20min) PEAS (15min)
In large frypan mixed the stems of the Cavolo with 1Tbl Sunflower Oil placed the leaves on top and fried 20mins in all. Added 1Tbl Sunflower Oil to the pan and fried the peas in that for 15mins, adding the tarragon. When finished cooking placed the Cheese on the Cavolo.

PLATO (15min)
In covered frypan with 1Tbl Sunflower Oil cooked the Plato 15mins, turning about halfway.

Complete Protein 18.3
Saturated Fat 13.1