Two Halves

There is a row of trees on the Heath Extension that look to me just like some creatures out of “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak; they made me wonder whether the gardeners intended to create that effect. The image I took of them seems split in two, the top half reminds me of “The Fountain” the movie by Darren Aronofsky, symbolized by the tree with the seed pods.
30.04: I went back another day, the trees put on leaf quickly and the sky was full of large clouds and vibrant colours: cerulean, purple and ultramarine, so I may use that for the upper part. Placing the characters first.
01.05: just trying to do ordinary watercolour style.
02.05: I am finding my equipment difficult to work with, the images I can print are not what I am used to, so as the image I see is not what I want it to be, in order to make the most of what it is, I decided to paint without my glasses. I call it ‘going with the flow’. Some of the time it can be helpful.
Note: What I love about watercolour is the colours, it is a sensual pleasure: a pleasure of the senses, seeing the colours flow together, blend in a myriad of ways or stand out. In the grass for instance, putting three colours together but applying them unmixed allows them to do their own thing; I would say it is where O can be seen to work as it is out of my control.
03.05: without glasses this looks ok to me, but if it is, it is only because it is O doing it.

watercolour_03.05.18_(50x35cm) Two Halves