Camellia japonica, I think.
The new imaging facilities available to me at the moment create clear virtual images but none that will print distinctly. This is what there is for me to work with now, so I have chosen an image I like, although it has no depth of field to speak of.
02.04: no idea of what the colours will be or the image either: the image is like a tapestry, so I find both the shapes and the colours difficult to identify.
03.04: in order to understand this image I have to do a measured drawing. I will deal with colour once that is done.
04.04: I can see Ferngully characters in this, Magi and Zak in particular, but to be honest I doubt they will remain prevalent. Even with the drawing done and colours chosen I don’t have any idea where this is going.
05.04: the image is still a blank for me (in the sense that it has not taken its own shape in my head, furthermore each line and dot seem perfectly placed to me as they are; I don’t want to change anything) so I have to do an outline drawing as invisibly as possible so it will not interfere with the watercolour.
06.04: … but remain as true as possible to the original picture which I like – still working on that. 09.04: and on…
10.01: I was sent a masking fluid that is not colourless and find this much easier to apply with a chisel colour shaper. As there is not much depth to the image I have to try and bring out the lights and darks, which are often found side by side, the masking fluid will help retain the structure and placing of the lights. By doing this only in some areas I hope to instil a sense of movement. I will go lights:  yellow, blue, red and then darks, same order. That’s the plan.
11.04: actually started with darker yellow, and then added the highlight with Aureolin mixed with Raw Umber. Turquoise is always tricky for me, I’ve added Manganese and Winsor Green (B) to try to obtain a vibrant turquoise.
12.04: Winsor Green (B) makes good turquoises I find, with Aureolin, Prussian Blue or Manganese Blue.
13.04: On to the darker colours – still not sure where this is going. 16.04: and on… 17.04: it is taking shape, perhaps this will just be a Camellia.
20.04: the ‘flat’ image is mostly there. I am picking out the dark lines and some darker shades in order to give it some depth. I used the sketch, shading in where I wanted the darker shades, to help guide me, as it is easy for me to get lost in the jumble of colours and lines otherwise.
23.04: on to the detail, having removed the masking fluid which protected the lightest areas, starting with the reds, for no particular reason. 24.04: finished the reds, next the blues.
25.04: I have tried to add detail in the areas where I could see more contrast. I could carry on with this longer but, I think it would detract rather than add to the picture so, I shall call it done.

watercolour_25.04.18_(50x35cm) Camellia
outline sketch_09.04.18_(50x35cm)
outline sketch_06.04.18_(50x35cm)
outline sketch_05.04.18_(50x35cm)